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Sherlock : John, look at me. *nudge*
John : Sherlock…What are you doing?
Sherlock : Marry me. *whisper*
John : What?

Sherlock : You heard me perfectly.
John : ….YES.

*breathes into bag*







Date a man who’s good with kids. Date a man who’s sensitive. Date a man with a sharp suit. Date a man passionate about world peace. Date a man with an international reputation as a ruthless assassin. Date Emiya Kiritsugu

Date a man who likes to have fun. Date a man who bows his head in the house of God. Date a man who collects wine. Date a man who feeds orphaned children to a magical spirit in order to sustain him. Date Kotomine Kirei. Rejoice.

Date a man who likes housework. Date a man who is unnaturally athletic. Date a man who loves justice. Date a man who tries to kill himself in the past with the hope of ceasing to exist. Date Archer EMIYA.

Date a man who’s caring and sensitive. Date a man who has an appreciation for the arts. Date a man who’s devoted and good with children. Date a man who’s full of penis shaped worms. Date Matou Kariya.

Date a man that can afford to treat you well but won’t. Date a man who comments you appearance with killer lines such as “You look like a virgin.” Date a man who has a worse fashion sense than you so you can look good. Date a man who has lived with a priest for ten years. Date Gilgamesh, King of Heroes.

Date a man who teaches. Date a man with exceptional breeding and old money. (Old as balls.) Date a man whose very name adheres to the integrity of magecraft. Date a man who would enter a supernatural war of noble and heroic heroes just to impress you and look cool doing it. Date a man with a forehead as broad as his bank account and  a distaste for the Irish. Date Lord Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.


I thought I may as well upload this WIP of a Johnlock kiss gif I started a while back and still haven’t got around to finishing.


rei 177cm→【65KG】←kakyoin178cm。。。are you fucking kidding me? !!!!!